Holy Cross of Tagum – St. Mary’s College of Tagum Alumni Association

SEPTEMBER 3 -4, 2016
September 3, 2016
9:00 AM
Invitational Games (College Alumni & SMCT College Students
Softball (Men & Women)
Volleyball (Men & Women)
Venue: SMCT Grounds
Basketball (Men)
Venue: VIMP Hall
1:00 PM
Medical and Dental Free Clinic with Feeding
Medical and Dental Free Clinic
Venue: Old Function Room
Pap Smear
Venue: New Function Room
Venue: MIRDC/BRC Area
September 4 2016
HCT – SMCT Alumni Homecoming 2016
Program of Activities
7:30 AM Registration
8:00 AM Motorcade around Tagum City
9:00 AM Refreshments
9:30 AM Opening Program
10:00 AM Holy Mass
11:00 AM  Fellowship Lunch with Live Band
12:00 PM Continuation of the Program (Jubilarian Presentation of Talents)
2:00 PM General Assembly
3:00 PM Socialization
5:00 PM End of Program
    Honorees for this Year
Diamond 1956 High School (T-Shirt Color: Glitters)
Gold 1966 HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: Gold)
Sapphire 1971 HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: Pink)
Ruby 1976 College,HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: Red)
Coral 1981 College,HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: Dark Green)
Pearl 1986 College,HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: Pearl)
Silver 1991 College,HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: Silver)
China 1996 College,HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: Orange)
Glass 2001 College,HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: White)
Tin 2006 College,HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: Gray)
Wood 2011 College,HS,GS (T-Shirt Color: Light Green)