Guidance Center

The guidance service center is an indispensable center and is one of the important service agencies of an Educational Institution. This is where the clientele will be given help and assistance whenever choices are to be made and where help is needed in making intelligent decisions, adjustments and in solving problems.
The guidance staffs are always available in giving assistance to the students in making intelligent choices and adjustments and for the effective utilization of the guidance services.

The Library as a system of functions and services exists primarily to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff, administration and other related clientele for resources essential to the teaching-learning programs of the institution.
The school library occupies the second floor of the New College Library and Science building comfortably structured to lend much to the academic atmosphere necessary in a school library
The Registrar’s office aims to provide students with assistance in their academic needs with regards to the implementation of the policies and guidelines of the Commission on Higher Education and that of St. Mary’s College.
The office uses the management process for the effective delivery of service to the studentry and public.