Civil Engineering Program


The Civil Engineering Program aims to produce technically competent graduates who are imbued with the principles of Christian living and who are conscious of their responsibilities in society.

Having completed the five-year Engineering course, the graduate engineer is expected to:

  • Live the Christian faith and be a witness to the values of Christ in himself/herself and in his/her interactions with others in the community.
  • Acquire knowledge, skills as professional engineering to develop independence of mind and capacity to assume responsibility.
  • Demonstrate the skills in planning and designing infrastructure projects beneficial to the welfare of the country.
  • Gain awareness of the need for further advancement in knowledge through research and experimentation for the benefit of the country.
  • Be actively involved in community projects which demand the proficient application on the field of specialization in promoting justice, live and peace.
  • Gain technical expertise and share in the country’s development program and agro-industrial reforms.