Business Administration Program


The Business Administration Program provides a common foundation of knowledge and understanding of business education through a core program consisting of general education and basic business education as a preparation to a more specialized major field of study.

After finishing the four-year course in Business Administration, the graduate is expected to:

  • Live the Christian faith and be able to witness to the values of Christ in himself/herself and in his/her interactions with others in the society.
  • Conduct feasibility study and other business research plan.
  • Demonstrate the values of fairness, transparency, accountability, hard work, honesty, patience, diligence innovativeness and risk-taking.
  • Demonstrate the ability to access, retrieve and disseminate information through IT.
  • Perform quality work.
  • Apply critically, in the field of endeavor, the various concepts and current issues in business.
  • Use judiciously, in the entities served the accounting and business theories and principles learned.
  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics of Business, manifest social responsibility in the performance of duties and responsibilities in the workplace and become agents of Justice, Peace and Love wherever they may be.