General Policies

courtesy 1. Courtesy
Regarded as an integral part of the Christian Community, courtesy in dealing with administrators, faculty, non-teaching staff, students and general public must be a trait of every person. It bespeaks of a culture in a Catholic school
phone 2. Use of Telephone / Internet
The telephone / internet is primarily for official use. Employees may use the telephone for personal use for emergency purposes but for a limited time only. The internet is free and be used if the office requires it.
absence 3. Absence Due to Emergency Cases
An employee who is absent due to an emergency situation is required to furnish the HR Office with an excuse letter upon return to work. Pertinent documents such as Hospital Admittance Form or Medical Certificate of the sick family member should be attached to the employees’ excuse letter. For reasons such as death in the family and or natural calamities, the provisions for Emergency Leave shall be followed
update_status 4. Change of Civil Status and Address
The Human Resource Office should be informed in writing with attached photocopy of the marriage contract for any change in civil status, surname,and change of address
uniform 5. Wearing of Uniform
All employees are expected to act professionally, dress modestly and wear the agreed daily uniform