Functions of HRO

1. Recruitment, Selection, and hiring
The job of recruiting employees is the responsibility of the Human Resource Office after human resource needs are communicated to the office by the department and unit heads

2. Human resource policies and procedures
The HRO is responsible for the implementation of human resource policies and procedures after approval of the Board of Trustees. Further ensures that government and state laws on education and labor are in place and in effect.

3. Personnel Relations
The office of Human Resources shall strive to maintain good staff management relationships and promote a problem-solving work environment by administering the schools policies, provide counseling for personnel, provide mediation services and Employee Assistance Program referral, and oversee the Appeal and Grievance Policy/Procedure.

4. Personnel Development
The HRO takes care of the development of SMCT Non-teaching personnel, consults and coordinates with Department/office heads for the professional growth of faculty through attendance in seminars and other fora.