Mission Statement
We commit ourselves to:

1. deepen our intimacy with the Triune God;

  1. continuously form engaged Ignacian Marian learners who witness to Faith, Excellence and Service in varied socio-cultural environment;
  2.  intensify research, instruction and community involvement to develop world-class professionals;
  3. enhance resources and strengthen capabilities to improve the quality of life; and
  4. expand our educational thrust for the poor.

Vision Statement
We at St. Mary’s College of Tagum (SMCT) are prophetic witnesses to the love of the Triune God. True to our Ignacian Marian identity, we empower and nurture learners to become ethical, service-oriented and engaged citizens towards inner & social transformation for the common good.

Key Directions

    1. Transformative Ignacian Marian education towards service for the common good.
    2. Strong and relevant institutional social programs to enhance quality of life.
    3. Responsible Partnership to sustain and advance human welfare.
    4. Sustainable programs to favor the disadvantaged sectors of the society.