Research is one of the primordial functions of any educational institution of learning in the tertiary level aside from academic excellence and community service.
As such, research as an academic function, differentiates higher education from basic education.
It was cited in the National Higher Education Research Agenda (NHERA) that research precedes development.
Research is an exciting and wonderful search for truth. It is in the conduct of research that people could be provided with knowledge and understanding that make a difference in their lives. Research is a form of transformational learning that increases the “stock of knowledge” that provides people with the means to engage their lives more effectively.
Research can provide people with new concepts, ideas, explanations or interpretations that enable them to see the world in different and better ways.
It is therefore strongly encouraged that institutions of higher learning should adopt well-established and active research programs for them to address teachers, employees and the community of Tagum City in general.

This manual will serve as a guide to all stakeholders of the institution who are interested to conduct research. It includes vision-mission statement of the Research Office, the school policy of the Research Programs and its implementing guidelines.


Former School President of SMCT