A Week of Fun and Games: SMCT Celebrates Foundation Week and HED Intramurals ’17


This year’s HED intramurals is celebrated within the foundation week. The SMCT Community is in for a long week of fun and games. The HED intramurals started last September 11, 2017 and will end on September 16, 2017. The first day started early with a parade within the school campus. As early as 6:00 AM, the students are already assembled for the parade. The lighting of the torch was a significant part as it formally opened the spirit of sportsmanship. In comparison with the traditional lighting of the cauldron, this year’s lighting had a twist, the cauldron is located on one side of the SMCT Gym and Stephanie Angelique Passion, the torch bearer this year, had to light a fire-starter which is located on the other side of the Gym across the cauldron. The ball of fire had to travel via cable eventually kindling the cauldron. That part excited the community. Dance en Quatro, Cheerdance and Dance Sport competition was held as an opening for the weeklong event. Electronic Judging System was used to facilitate the hassle free tally for the judges. A first for the SMCT community. The system was provided by the Cerus, Alimatech Scholars of the Computer Science Program. The Dance Sport event was not included in the electronic system due to its mechanics. Over-all, the first day was a success. New things was done and new things will come for the SMCT community. Visit SMCT to witness more events during the week. Events like, Lakan at Hiyas ng 2017, Battle of the Band and SMCT DOTA 2 Tournament. Food stalls are all over the campus for refreshments.