Higher Education Department Attends OBE Syllabi Making


Much has changed in the educational system as technology and information becomes readily available by a click of the mouse. The youth are more aware and technologically inclined that the internet has become a substitute for the library. With all this changes our educational system also adopted to meet this change.
The SMCT Higher Education Department attended a two-day seminar on OBE (Outcome-Based Education) syllabus making last August 29 – 30 at the Admin Hall. The seminar’s keynote speaker is Dr. Susan F. Labutap from CHED. She emphasized on having a clear and attainable goal in which a teacher wants the students to exhibit. “If the police man has a gun, the teacher has the syllabus.” This line from the speaker shows the importance of the syllabus to set a clear path in which the students will follow. Much was discussed and learned. At the end of day one the SMCT educators was able to come to a consensus on the uniform format of the institution’s syllabus. The second day was devoted to presentation of the syllabus per program. The objective that the keynote speaker set at the beginning of the seminar was attained. The seminar was a success.