SMCTI: Outstanding Rating in National Earthquake Drill


The entire country conducted a National Earthquake drill last August 28, 2016. As part of the disaster drill of the school, the entire SMCTI participated in the National Earthquake drill. The school being chosen as one of the pilot institutions positively responded to the activity. The City’s NDRRM (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management), OCD (Office of the Civil Defense) and the Philippine Army evaluated the school’s level of preparedness. At around 9 a.m. the alarm for an earthquake was sounded and students and staff followed the duck, cover and hold procedure in the places where they are in. After the alarm, everybody proceeded properly in an organized manner to their designated evacuation area with a fast and cautious phase. The drill came natural to the students as there was an air of silence and calmness as each proceeded to their evacuation area. Everybody knew what to do. The fifteen minutes evacuation time was more than enough that the school was able to do it in just seven minutes. The schools Disaster and Emergency Management Committee was outstanding in their duties. Simulated casualties was dealt properly from communication, rescue, and first aid, all the way to actual treatment. All communication was channeled to the incident commander Mr. Erwin Sabornido. The school’s preparedness was due to the proper training headed by Mrs. Virginia L. Cordoves, SMCT Disaster Coordinator thru the support of the chairman S. Ma. Lorina A. Jumawan, RVM, School President. The school received a total score of thirty seven points out of forty (37/40), Outstanding Mark. Congratulations SMCT.